Wealth Model

Our Simple 7 Step Model

Education Appointment

The most important piece of the puzzle is being educated on how Property Investment works, so we take the time to give you a free education appointment first. We make it very simple and ensure you have all your questions answered before we go any further. You will understand how it can work for you in your particular circumstances.

Financial Review

In coordination with our specialized brokers, we work out what you can easily afford before we even consider the property purchase. During this important step, your personal financial situation will be taken into account and the best, most comfortable solution will be found for you.

Strategy Planning

Strategy is the key to any success including your financial freedom. We strongly believe that the right set of strategies will help you visualize how fast you can reach your goals whether it is to pay off the loan of your primary residence in 8-10 years or have a passive income source or whatever goals you are planning to achieve without additional stress in your life.

Sourcing The Right Property

We make this step really easy as we have done all the leg work for you. Our property acquisition team is specialized to source the right property for you considering the location, capital growth, existing and future amenities, infrastructure, and demography. This process helps you generate enough equity faster to assist you to have your next investment in a couple of years. This process also ensures a good rental return and minimizes your out-of-pocket cost or can provide you with a positive cash flow.

Construction Process

We have taken the utmost care to custom-design properties that we know will rent well and would be something you would want to live in yourself. At this stage of the process, we project manage your build and send you the updates with photos and progress reports.

Property Leasing and Management

As part of the service, we provide in-house property management so that your investment property is tenanted and well looked after. We care for your property as if it was our own. Being in-house we know when your property will settle and we begin advertising ahead of time so that tenants can move in rapidly after settlement.

On-going Services & Yearly Review

Our main goal here is to create a property portfolio for you so that you can achieve your financial freedom. Therefore, ongoing services and a yearly review are extremely important to track your progress. In addition, our team always has the finger on the pulse of future locations, upcoming infrastructures, and exciting developments, therefore we will be able to assist you to add great performing properties to your portfolio when the time is right for you.

Delivering solutions that make personal sense. Not just financial sense.

We are an elite team of property professionals who are full time property investors with proven results. We also value an ethical approach when it comes to property investments, laying out all the considerations, so that you have information beyond numbers when taking decisions.