Education & Training

When beginning your property investment journey or even as an experienced investor, you should never stop educating yourself and build up your knowledge base. The key to success with anything in life is through learning about that topic and soaking up as much information as you can to gather confidence and certainty towards your goals. The best sources for education and training is to work with an industry expert or someone who has achieved what you want. Following that attend seminars, read books, magazines, blogs, forums and online courses just to name a few. Achieving financial freedom through property investment to live a life without limitations is no different and should be considered a top priority. After all, we need money to survive, it is like oxygen so it makes sense to understand how it works and to use money to work for you. Remember money never sleeps!

Mortgage Solutions

Your finance broker is the most important addition to your team besides your wealth strategist. This person is a crucial part of your strategy for property investment. You need to educate yourself on how to structure finances correctly and the best way to do that is to learn from an experienced finance broker who can guide you on the strategy needed to participate in property investment and even investing. If you borrow other people’s money (a financial institution), you can hold a larger asset base. Before you can do that, you need to work with your finance broker who understands how to structure loans safely so that you don’t risk any of your personal assets such as your home. You simply never want to put all of your eggs into a single basket by going back to the same bank each time. This allows you to minimise risk associated with your venture. It is imperative to spread your properties around with different lenders especially if you are owning property in multiple states.

SMSF Property Advisor

There is now great scope to invest in residential property via a self-managed super fund (SMSF) using either cash in the fund and/or borrowings. It is an opportunity that an increasing number of Australian investors are pursuing. It is critical that those property investors considering the SMSF pathway act with utmost care. Super is the nest egg that most of us are relying on for a comfortable retirement. Our most important message to clients is this: always ensure you invest in quality assets. Given the stakes at play when it comes to super, this advice is especially true. You just can’t take a risk when it comes to retirement. It is also vital that any advice sought on establishing or using an existing SMSF to invest in property comes only from a holder of an Australian Financial Services license. We will connect you with an experienced SMSF specialist before we start talking about property.

Project Management

We pride ourselves on being able to deal with and manage stakeholders without fear or favour, achieving client objectives across all sectors through market leading project and development management services. Testament to our performance is the high level of repeat business we receive from our existing clients and referrals. Our clients are our priority. Our experts are focused on minimising risk and maximising value, at all times delivering memorable service experiences for developer, buyer and partners. For many of our clients, their residential property investment is their largest asset, and our team take personal responsibility for the success of their clients.

Property Advisory

Our Property Advisory is a property investment specialist working with investors who are serious about growing property portfolio that realises exceptional capital growth and represents a solid return on investment. Whether you are an experienced property investor, looking to purchase property for a self managed super fund, or just starting to dip your toe into the property market, having a dedicated team of researchers and qualified investment advisors on your side is critical to a successful property investment strategy. We minimise the risk, reduce the emotion, save you time and money, and only recommend properties that we would be happy to buy ourselves. Simply Wealth Property Advisory’s comprehensive property investment reports cover state and suburb property trends and cycles including supply and demand, population and income analysis, economic forecasts, infrastructure activity and tenancy rates. Our due diligence on individual investment properties includes a rigorous checklist of key criteria: property condition, rental return, local supply and demand, neighbourhood assessment, transport, employment and local development.


We work with home owners and investors across Victoria who want better returns, less stress and asset protection. Property management is all we do and we’re here to make sure you benefit from our know-how. For property management that combines expert knowledge with that personal touch. Our property management specialists are here to help make your investment as profitable as possible by placing quality tenants at marketable rental rates. We are constantly watching the real estate rental market, conditions and trends to help minimize vacancies.

Portfolio Management

Three simple ways Portfolio Management Services builds and protects your wealth through property investment and management Portfolio Management Services: 1 Finds the right residential or commercial investment property for you using a proven 15-year old, market-leading emotion-free formula 2 Buys the investment property at or below market value 3 Manages the investment property to maximize returns and minimize expenses and risk You can diversify your property portfolio to grow faster Another great thing about having a property portfolio is the ability to diversify in order to grow your portfolio faster. If you invest in just one property or even if you invest in two or three properties in the same area and that area doesn’t grow for five years, well then, you don’t have any equity to go ahead and invest in more properties. A property portfolio of 2 or more properties gives you multiple streams of income.