First Time Home Buyers

Buying Cheaper than Renting for 40pc of First Home Buyers According to a poll conducted by Great Southern Bank, owning a home is cheaper than many hopeful home buyers anticipated, with more than 2 out of every 5 recent homeowners paying less on their mortgage than they did on rent. Here, 42% of existing homeowners […]

Six Ways to Increase My Credit Score

Are you overwhelmed by the feeling like your credit history is a mess? There are ways that you can get back into lenders’ good books. Wanna know how to increase your credit score? Here are 6 ways to improve your credit score.   1. Check-Out your Credit File to See Where you Stand If you […]

Loan and Interest

Interest rates are rising, and this could encourage property investors to consider refinancing their loan portfolios.   Rate increases are always prompt to customers to review their circumstances and lending arrangements, and I think it’s likely we’ll see property investors looking to refinance over the coming period, Fedder says.   “We see this as a […]

Help To Buy Scheme

Anthony Albanese has pledged $329 million to assist more Australians in entering the property market. The Labor government intends to pay an equity contribution of up to 40 percent of the purchase price for a new home, and up to 30 percent for an existing home. The scheme will be eligible for 10,000 households every […]

Couple investing on Real Estate Properties

2020 was a year like no other in Australia and, thanks to COVID-19, Australia saw its first recession in over thirty years. But now that real estate markets have well and truly bounced back in almost every major Australian city, many of us are looking towards property predictions and asking ourselves; “what’s next”? So, is […]

How to Build a Multi-Million Dollar Property Portfolio?

If you are looking for a company that can show you: How to invest from as little as $50 per week without using any of your own time How to legally slash your tax bill and never pay the same amount of tax ever again How to pay off your family home in as little […]

Risks of Investing

With any investment strategy, there is always going to be a degree of risk. Anyone that approaches you with a risk-free investment strategy is probably not from planet earth. The key is how to mitigate your risk when looking at any type of investment. Risk by the way is another word for “I have no […]

Home Equity

If you consider yourself a home owner and are curious about what equity means, this article is for you. Read on to learn the definition of home equity, as well as how to calculate it and what factors influence it.

A deposit equivalent to 12% – 20% of the property purchase price is preferred if one is looking to safely invest in a property. This can be in the form of a cash deposit, equity in a home, or any other form. If one was looking to purchase an investment property worth $600,000, a deposit […]

Simply Waelth - Melbourne Skyline

Why Simply Wealth? Our aim is simple. We are here to help you create financial security so that you can live your goals and dreams, never having to worry about money again We have been helping investors build wealth through safe and secure quality property investments solutions. When you make an obligation free appointment with […]