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How to Build a Multi-Million Dollar Property Portfolio?

How to Build a Multi-Million Dollar Property Portfolio?

If you are looking for a company that can show you:

  • How to invest from as little as $50 per week without using any of your own time How to legally slash your tax bill and never pay the same amount of tax ever again How to pay off your family home in as little as 7-10 years
  • How to protect yourself from rising interest rates and losing your job
  • How to have your rent paid in full and on time, all the time
  • How to create an extra $30,000-$40,000 per year (tax-free) whilst not changing anything you do right now

then please read on where we show you our step-by-step system of creating wealth safely and securely, never having to worry about money again.


What are your Goals and Dreams? 

The most important thing about creating wealth or financial security is to first clearly understand WHY you want to? Is it because you want more money, more time, more life, more choices?

This is the first step on a journey that will change your life for the better, therefore, it’s important that both you and Dynamic 8 Property have all this information clear and upfront so that we can hit the target we are aiming for. 

It’s all about YOU 

One of the main reasons to invest is to give YOU more life. It should make life easier, give you more choices, make you feel good about yourself, and help you to sleep easily at night. The idea is to not have an impact on your current lifestyle.

This is where we show you how you’ll be able to afford to have a property investment plan working for you without affecting your weekly budget. 

Accredited Property Investment Selection & Acquisition 

At Dynamic 8 Property, we only offer and recommend the best available property investment opportunities that exactly meet your needs and situation. We monitor the Australian property market daily. With a variety of quality investments available all over Australia, they must first meet our stringent selection criteria of long-term capital growth, strong rental demand, location and amenities, and of course be of high quality. 

Tailored Property Investment financial structures and strategies 

We will ensure you receive the best investment funding available.

Our Specialist Investment arm will structure and tailor an investment funding package that will best meet your needs.

We’ll identify and recommend which loan is the right one for you, working on your behalf to finalize all the details, saving you time and money. We will explain interest rates, application fees, exit fees, refinancing, short-term and long-term flexibility, and how to cleverly leverage equity and cash flow to your advantage (85% of seasoned investors are not aware of this) 

Expert Property Investment Legal Advice & Services 

We take the headache out of owning an investment property or adding to an existing portfolio with the right legal advice.

Property investing is a specialized legal area, getting it wrong could seriously jeopardize your outcome. We have the best of the best legal experts when it comes to property investing. We show you how to protect your assets and wealth from day one so that your wealth always stays with you and your loved ones. 

How to legally reduce your Tax and never pay the same tax again 

We’ll help you through all the complexities and ever-changing taxation laws that are associated with property investing. This is why most investors do not maximize the tax returns available to them.

Not all accountants are the same. Our property investment taxation specialists are experts in their field.

They’ll provide the appropriate property investment tax advice and ongoing services with regard to your current and future tax position. 

Coordinating the settlement of your property 

Unfortunately, this is the one area that people pay very little attention to. It’s this one area that can actually make or break the experience you have when it comes to investing in property.

Many take this process for granted and you as the client are always the one that pays the price of having to get involved and having their precious time wasted.

We ensure that all parties are coordinated appropriately with minimal fuss and with very little involvement from you. 

The headache-free Construction Program 

At Dynamic 8 Property, we’ve been proudly helping investors achieve their financial goals and dreams for over 10 years. The knowledge and commitment to quality we have gained over this time have enabled us to streamline the building process, resulting in a hassle-free and enjoyable building experience for you.

Whether building one of our innovative home designs or choosing a boutique architecturally designed apartment, our dedicated and professional team has proven time and time again that by using only the best products and materials on the market and constructing homes on time and on budget, we are the market leaders in both quality and service. 

Keeping you in the know every step of the way 

We manage the entire project on your behalf so that it is built on time without any delays and therefore put money in your pocket (rent) as fast as possible.

When you have constructed and project-managed thousands of properties as we have, you know how to deliver an experience to customers second to none. We update you fortnightly with a progress report. It’s like being on-site, from the comfort of your own lounge room. 

We work for you, NOT the builder 

When you buy a car, you want to ensure you are getting what you have paid for. When you go to collect the car, you want to check that the steering wheel comes with the car right?

But what about the things you can’t see or don’t know about? At Dynamic 8 Property, we ensure you are getting everything you signed up for – without ever compromising on quality. We know every little detail and step that goes into building a quality investment property. 

Tenant allocation without you lifting a finger 

We claim to have the best property management system in the industry, offering and delivering many more services far and beyond our competitors.

Our tenant selection process is of the highest standards to ensure that hundreds of clients get the best outcome.

We protect your assets as if they were our own, negotiating all lease agreements, conducting regular property inspections, attending to all maintenance issues, and ensuring the timely collection of rent on your behalf. 

Never worry about rent, losing your job, or interest rates going up ever again

We will ensure that your rent is always paid on time, that rising interest rates will not affect you and that losing your job is something that you never have to worry about again. That’s our commitment to you.

We understand that you may be concerned about these items and the effect that they would have on your investments and your lifestyle in general. 

Building & Landlord Insurances made SIMPLE 

Once your property is completed, we ensure you have the required insurances to protect both you and your investment. Once again, this is an area that most people pay very little attention to when creating wealth. The consequences can be disastrous if you get this wrong.

Slash your taxes immediately 

When it comes to maximising your tax returns on your investment property, nobody does it better or makes it easier than Dynamic 8 Property. Imagine going to your accountant every time you do your tax with a folder that contains everything your accountant needs. This alone will save you considerably on accounting fees. 

Free Property Investment Cash flow protection 

Your property may be completed and finished at this point, but we certainly aren’t.

With the finance industry continually changing, you’d need to be dating a banker to be able to keep up with this fast-changing landscape.

Once your investment property is finished being built or if you’ve had the same loan for more than 12 months, we will review your loan(s) to ensure you are getting the best and most flexible loan structure and interest rates for your investment property. This is where you make more huge savings or tap into that equity.

Never worry about repairs and maintenance 

All our accredited property investments have a maintenance-free option to save you time and money. Many property investors fear of having to spend time and money maintaining their property.

Our service level agreements with our builders and property managers will take care of any maintenance issues when they arise in a fast and timely manner. Don’t be surprised if you don’t even hear about any repairs and maintenance issues 

Ongoing monitoring & management of your wealth plan 

With Dynamic 8 Property, it’s about ensuring we meet your short and long-term financial and lifestyle goals, as set out in Step 1.

Our wealth plan fast tracks you to your goals and dreams, without any guesswork. We sit with you and ensure that we are heading down the path we mapped out together in Step 1. This is where you’ll discover that property itself is just a tool to get finance, and what the real secret to creating WEALTH actually is.

Our long-term relationship with you means that we are by your side every step of the way. 


Here for you when you need us most 

Many people ask us, how are you different from your competitors? Our response is always the same – ask our customers.

The customers who have seen it all from start to end, the ones who started with nothing and are now financially free, the ones who never thought it was possible, who thought that property is for others, but not them.

You see, at Dynamic 8 Property, we never abandon you once you have settled on your property. In fact, its just the start of our relationship. We spend more time with you well after your first purchase with us. Why, because its highly unlikely that you would have achieved your goals from one purchase alone. Remember, our aim is to work with you until you achieve your financial and lifestyle goals and beyond. 

Please contact us for clarification, or further advice, regarding any of the topics covered in this newsletter

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