Jose Velasco

We are excited to be able to introduce to you our New Home Consultant Jose Velasco. Jose joined the Simply Wealth Company Calling team in September 2021.

Jose has truly exceptional experience in this industry. He brings with him a fantastic and well-rounded 6-year record in Real Estate Sales, Investment, and after-sales services experience. he had a chance of being a Senior Home Consultant for different companies in both Australia and the USA. You will find few people who know the Real Estate and Investment industry from all the main aspects as Jose Velasco does.

In his previous roles, Jose has won consistently awards for being the best customer service manager and has helped hundreds of clients grow their net income by at least $1,000 a week. he would be pleased to discuss such concerns or questions you may have before the meeting. Please feel free to call him at +61 480 095 565. He would welcome the opportunity to talk to you at any time during the week, and we look forward to hearing from you.