Our Team

Almer Mejico


As a client experience officer, Almer is charged with designing, orchestrating, and improving customer experiences across all customer touchpoints, including sales, customer service, and social media, combining leadership skills with a desire to provide a positive customer experience.

He has superior communication, leadership skills and a big-picture thinker. He often sees the long-term possibilities of a plan and the overall potential for success.

He believes that a little progress each day adds up to big results because for him it is better to accomplish a little bit every day because before you know it you will see results beyond your expectations.

Simply Wealth is Australia’s leading property investment company with the expertise to help you to get the best-performing properties. The first choice for first home buyers & investors, we as a company inspires, educate, guide, handhold, manage and work with you one on one to get the best properties in Melbourne’s top-performing suburbs.

Delivering solutions that make personal sense. Not just financial sense.​

We are an elite team of property professionals who are full time property investors with proven results. We also value an ethical approach when it comes to property investments, laying out all the considerations, so that you have information beyond numbers when taking decisions.